A little bit about Laurissa.

Provisional RGD, Certified UX Designer

I love designing intuitive experiences that walk people through a design like story. It takes a balance of strategic thinking and understanding the business objectives.


I am experienced in creating and taking concepts from creative briefs through to final deliverables while working within project constraints and client expectations. I approach each project strategically, balancing the aesthetics with the user needs and business objectives of the client.


I love learning so I always have my eyes and ears open for creative and innovative ways to tackle a problem. Maybe you have an annual report that your company traditionally prints but is a strain on budget. My suggestion, a digital report—Prezi anyone?—an option many companies are exploring to provide a more dynamic and engaging experience with the benefit of being much more cost-effective and eco-conscious to boot. Combine this with a condensed report for print that feeds to the digital copy to satisfy those that still prefer a tangible leave behind.


I am a problem-solver at heart, and to me, new challenges are opportunities for creative problem-solving.


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